3 Things That Make You Look Weak in Front of Women

If you ever wanted to gain the attention the women, then you really need to present to her that you are a man. Actually no, you need to be a real man and let her know that you are the real deal and not a fraud. So how do you let her know that you are in fact a man and you are not one of those girly nice guys? You need to make sure you do not look weak in front of her.

Here are 3 things to avoid so you do not look weak in front of women:

1. You look to other people when making your own decisions – this is what women do! They are indecisive, they don’t know what they want and they always need a second opinion to make their decisions. You are not a woman. You need to be decisive and you need to stick to what you say. Women find it attractive for a man to just make up their minds and lead the interaction. If you ever catch yourself asking “so where would you like to go” or “what would you like to eat” please stop and rephrase it to something like “tonight, we’re going to do XYZ and unless you have better ideas in mind then that’s what we’re doing.” Women will appreciate a man who takes the lead and doesn’t act like another one of her girlfriends.

2. You actively say things to her to fish for compliments – this goes hand in hand with bragging. A woman has developed a very refined weak guy detector and she can sense that you are fishing for compliments. If you try and act cool and show off you are actually showing to her that you are not. This just shows her that you are not a real man and you are insecure about yourself! Please don’t do this because this is not cool and does not get you anywhere.

3. You argue with her using logic – I know have fallen a victim to this one a fair few times. When a woman disagrees with you, chances are it is because she doesn’t understand where you are coming from. If you argue with her you are actually entrenching her preconceived opinion and then you are making her back up her statements. This will make her fight harder for her initial position and will kill the interaction you two had. Please stay away from arguing. Also, even if she is wrong, women do not use logic to rationalize their opinions. So that means, the more you argue with her the more you work her up and the more you are wrong because you’re making her feel bad. I know this sounds illogical, but this is how women think!

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