How to Attract Women at Lightning Speed – Three Keys to Quick Seduction Success

One of the major misconceptions in dating is the thought that women are set on playing hard to get. This isn’t the case. They didn’t spend money on make up and clothes to be ignored, did they? The thing is, hot women will only let themselves go with men who show signs of being ‘the one’ who will rock their world. If you come off as creepy or a jerk, you will get ignored. Believe it.

What if you’re genuinely nice and you don’t have it in you to act like a jerk, much less a creep, how do you get women to take notice? Being ‘average’ is all in your mind. Any guy can get a woman if he tries. In your case, if you follow the following steps to being a real pick up master:

Three Keys To Successfully Pick Up Hot Women

1. Do not delay. Make each second count! Take note that the timer does not start 5 minutes after you start talking to her. As soon as you approach her and she sees you, start the seduction process. Master seducers have this rule called ’10-sec rule’, which tells you to make the first 10 seconds the most amazing experience for her. Gaze into her eyes, smile seductively, say hello like Casanova would… just make sure you do it as soon as possible or she will decide she doesn’t want to talk to you. Moreover, if you delay further, you might sabotage your own approach by giving in to anxiety.

2. The hilarious opener. After you get her attention, follow it up by bantering with her. Have a nice joke inside your head ready. Don’t over analyze your joke; cheesy is in the attitude, not in the material. If you make her laugh, you’re golden. You can lead her anywhere from that point onward.

3. The number grab. When you get her comfortable, don’t dilly dally. Make sure she only gets a taste of what’s in store for her when she dates you. Let her go. Make up some excuse and say your goodbyes. If she really had a blast talking to you, she will want to go out with you. If she looks disappointed that you have to go, get her number. You will get it, if you played this the right way.

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