Sapa – Little Hanoi – The Largest Vietnamese Market In Prague

Sapa – Little Hanoi – The Largest Vietnamese Market In Prague

Do you know that only few Czech know about the existence of a large Vietnamese community in the south of Prague?

This wholesale and retail market supplies products to smaller Vietnamese retailers in Prague and, perhaps, surrounding cities. Most of the items sold here are imported from China; hint hint, they are very cheap. If you are a shameless and skillful bargainer, you can snatch a good deal.

Goodies you can find there

-Clothing and Wears: jeans, shirts, t-shirts, socks, gloves, hats, accessories, etc.

-Vietnamese groceries: vegetables, rice, noodle, herbs, spices, meat, dry products, and many items you might not find at regular Czech markets.

-Handmade willow products: Some are made in Czech, some are exports from neighboring post-communist countries like Slovakia and Poland. Some of these products are sold for half the prices in regular markets.

-Household and personal items.

-Toys and typical Chinese imports.

-Vietnamese music

-Vietnamese food: Delicious noodle soups, rice plates of various kinds, snacks, and much more.

Even if you don’t buy anything, do yourselves a huge favor by eating noodle soups in one of those many shops. There are many kinds of noodle soups beside the more popular Pho. I already tried three restaurants: Hai Phong, Thang Long, and Hue Xua. The first two serve Northern cuisine while the latter, Hue Xua, prepares food in Central style. A bowl of noodle costs from 70 Kc to 80 Kc.

Eat eat eat. I’m sure you won’t find these deliciously yummy noodles else where in Prague.

How to get there: Sapa Market Center – Sidliste Pisnice, Prague 4; Hours: daily

There are three ways to get to Sapa: from Kacerov (metro C, red line) and Smichovske nadrazi (metro B, yellow line)

From Kacerov (bus goes even on the weekend)

-Hop on bus no. 113, 333 and more buses during the week days.

From Smichovske nadrazi

-Walk about 5 minutes to the bus station, from point 1 to point 4 on the map. [Map]

-Hop on bus no. 198 or any bus going to Sidlisce Pisnice.

Get out at Sidlisce Pisnice. Sapa will be on the left. You won’t miss the big sign. Cross the street and enter the market.. Use this link to work out your own schedule and route.

If you are still not sure, grab any Asian you met at the station or on the bus and ask for direction. He or she is likely to be a Vietnamese going to the market.

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