All of the Cool Kids Want to Only Wear Designer Kids Clothes

Children today have access to the types of communication that we only wished was available when we were their age. Because of this, just as soon as something becomes popular in one part of the world, it quickly begins to spread like wildfire everyplace else. If your child has been bugging you to death to get them some designer kids clothes, sorry to tell you, they are not going to stop until you give in.

Please try and think back to when you were a child, and all the peer pressure that was constantly being applied by your friends. Everybody wanted to be considered one of the cool kids, and one of the most important requirements to get into that club, was to always be wearing the most up to date children’s fashion and accessories.

What can and does seem so irrelevant as an adult, has the complete opposite affect on a child. All kids want to fit in, and to be accepted by their age group. Unfortunately, we live in a materialistic society where in all too many cases you are judged by what you have, and not who you are.

In other words, when you are a certain age and you are a male, you must have the best bike in the neighborhood, and nothing else will do. The definition of the best bike at this age, is not the most expensive, not the fastest, and not the one with all the greatest features on it. But, it is the one that all of your friends own, and the one that they are telling you to get your parents to buy for you.

When it comes to young ladies, it is exactly the same. But, instead of a bike, they all want designer girl’s clothes. Being a parent of a female child in this age group, is much more difficult than being a parent of a male child exactly the same age.

The reason for that is simple, all the boys want exactly the same bike, but all the girls want designer clothes made by the same designer, but the clothes have to be completely different from what any of their friends wear. There is only one way to accomplish this, and that is to take your young girls with you when you go shopping.

If you do not take them with you, then you can almost be certain that they will not be happy with what you buy and bring home. Once kids reach a certain age, they know what they want to wear, and what they want to look like, and nothing else will do, no matter how hard you try.

Designer kid’s clothes certainly are not a novelty that someday will fade away into the sunset. All of the parents that might be reading this article should know, that they are here to stay and there is nothing that you can do about it, no matter how hard you try to convince your child otherwise.

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