The Plus Factor of Plus Size Costumes

Women who wear plus size clothing often feel that they have been given the short end of the stick, especially when they are out hunting for costumes for a theme party or for Halloween. If you feel that you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to plus size costumes, think again.

The first thing you need to know is that you are not going to find plus size costumes in the common places that you often shop. If you do, the choices presented are generally very few. Don’t let this get you down. Step into the nearest thrift store. Take a look at everyday clothes and see if you can fit them into a theme for the party. For example, you can look at a plus size wedding dress and become the vampire bride. If you are a man, look for a suit to become a bridegroom from the Living Dead. You will easily find the necessary accessories. Always make sure to ask about clothes that may not be on display.

If shopping and putting together a costume is not really your thing, then look online at some of the popular virtual stores. The first search you place should be for a plus size costume. You will be surprised at some of the ingenious stuff that comes up. You will find a number of brand new great costumes at reasonable prices. A tip to keep in mind is to figure in the shipping costs to the final bill. There are a number of online stores that actually specialize in costumes and you are bound to find a section dedicated to plus size clothing. Another tip to keep in mind is that most stores have massive sales right after the Halloween season. This would be the best time to pick up something great for the next season.

If you are the creative type and would like to put together a plus size costume of your own, then there are several ideas that you can choose from. In fact some of the concepts and designs are such that only a plus size person would be able to pull it off. And with the right accessories you will have a winner on your hands. You could try becoming the Statue of Liberty. Take a sheet of grey cloth, drape it over yourself and pin it into place. Make a circular cutout of the torch and place a real torch on the inside so that it lights up. Cut out the crown for yourself as well. The book is of course easy to get.

Greek women used a lot of draping in their costumes and that’s what you can use as well. A white sheet draped on with one shoulder exposed. A gold cord around the waist and a crown of leaves will have you looking stunning. You can also create your own costumes of famous chocolates like M and Ms as well as some fruits. You could also think of becoming a Halloween gift, by cutting out holes for your head and legs in a huge box, gift wrapping it and putting a bow over your head. Balloons are handy as well when you are trying to add grapes or berries to your costumes.

Plus size costumes also include the traditional types: a salon girl, a witch or a cheerleader. If you feel confident of carrying of these costumes then you should go ahead with them. Of course, you could also add embellishments to these costumes to make them a comfortable costume for yourself. At the end of the day, it is safe to say that plus size individuals don’t really have the shorter end of the stick.

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