Baby Bedding Sets – Comfortable and Colorful

Baby bedding sets are a bit different from adult bedding sets besides just the size difference. Typically, you will find a crib bumper, a fitted sheet for the crib, a comforter sometimes the set also includes drapes. The crib bumper is a stuffed long mini comforter type thing, that ties to the bottom of the crib rails right above the mattress so if baby rolls over they will not bang themselves into the bars of the crib. The bumper also insures that little hands and feet don’t get stuck between the crib and the mattress. The crib bumper will match the sheet and the comforter. The crib sheet is always fitted and fits snuggly on the crib mattress. And of course the comforter is scaled down to baby size. They make decorating the nursery a breeze.


Baby bedding sets come in an array of styles, textures and colors. Some of the most popular are character themed sets, that have some time honored favorite cartoon characters. There is a trend to mimic adult bedding in style and colors, to give babies room a more sophisticated feel. There is also a movement toward all natural organic materials, this has become really popular in the last five years or so. A lot of people are opting for natural organically grown spread, to offset any potential environmental hazards associated with synthetic and chemically produced materials.


The costs associated with baby bedding sets really varies as widely as the choices vary. They can be purchased for under one hundred dollars or can break the bank at over one thousand dollars. There is no limit to the costs involved; it all depends on the budget for the nursery.

Where to Buy

You can purchase them in most any discount warehouse store, any store that sells baby items, baby specialty stores, online stores. Thrift stores are a great place to purchase them. Any store that sells linens and things will also probably have them. It all depends on how much you want to pay and whether there is any flexibility in the style. The more flexible the style is the more places you can shop at.

Baby bedding sets are very affordable and designed to fit into any décor or set the pace for the décor. A crib is not complete without one to fully decorate it and keep baby warm and comfortable.

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