Children’s Outerwear

Outerwear is a necessary item for any children living in sub-tropical and continental climates. When considering purchasing outerwear, being familiar with outerwear sizing is the first step. In the United States, outerwear sizing is usually numerical or alphabetical. Numerical sizing corresponds to the suggested age of the wearer, and sizing could be single or dual. For instance, a size 7 (single size) is suggested for an average size seven year old; a size 8/10 (dual size) is suggested for an average size eight to ten year old. Alphabetical sizing is less consistent among brands, but sizes are usually denoted utilizing XXS-XL. When a retailer integrates both younger and older children’s outerwear under one line, a size XXS is usually meant for three to five year olds and a size XL is typically meant for fourteen to sixteen year olds.

The appropriate outerwear to wear depends on the weather. Down jackets, ski jackets, wool pea coats, trench coats, and denim jackets are among the common types of outerwear. Down jackets are best for strolling outside in cold weather or playing in the snow because they are thick and water resistant. Not only are ski jackets appropriate for skiing, but they are also a perfect alternative for children who do not like the bulk of down jackets. Wool pea coats are a winter staple that can be easily dressed up or down. They are suitable to be worn to semi-formal and formal occasions as well as to be worn for casual wear. Trench coats are suitable to be worn on cold, rainy days as they are made with insulated material (usually wool, leather or heavy cotton) beneath a raincoat material. Denim jackets are made of jean material, and are most suitable to be worn during spring and autumn.

Almost all children’s apparel shops in the northern hemisphere carry outerwear. The North Face, Columbia, and Lands End are among popular brands that specialize and carry a wide range of outerwear for children. Even though average shops such as Gap Kids, Gymboree, and Justice carry outerwear, they tend to be more fashion oriented and less functional than brands that specialize in outerwear.

If money is tight, thrift stores and eBay are venues to get inexpensive second hand outerwear. Good quality children’s outerwear is expensive, but by shopping after Christmas, outerwear going for a fraction of its retail price is ubiquitous, especially in this economic downturn. It is wise to buy ahead for the next winter season during clearance, but be sure to buy at least one size up.

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