Clutter and Hoarding – Recession-Proof Yourself

You’ve heard the “R” word everywhere these days – recession. So how do you recession-proof yourself? You could make more money someday, or you could save some money today. How do you do it? You stretch your dollar and lift your spirits.

You can generally do one of two things about this problem – either save money or make more money. Yes, you might find a higher paying job someday, but it’s pretty easy to find a few ways to save money. What’s the secret to feeling like a big spender without dishing out big cash? You’ll discover that it’s all in the feeling you create around what you are doing.

Treasure Hunt

There are little pockets of “saved money” lying all around your house. These are small items you use frequently, but seem to run out of frequently. These could be hangers, pens, sticky notes, notepads, baskets, candles – anything small that you would replace if you seemed to run out.

So go on a “treasure hunt” instead – shop in your own house. Make it fun like you’re Indiana Jones or a pirate searching for buried treasure. While you’re at it, declutter and toss out a few pieces of trash. Bring along a cute little basket or tote bag to collect all your goodies. Who knows what treasures you’ll find!

Shop Small, Celebrate Big

Have the urge to shop? Buy something interesting but inexpensive. Check out places like a good consignment shop, the “sale” shelf at your favorite store, or garage sales. Then celebrate and lavish attention on your new treasure like you just bought a shiny new Rolls Royce. Treat it like it’s a priceless piece of art or one of the Crown Jewels. You’ll get the emotional satisfaction with a very small dent in your wallet.

Gather and Give or Sell

This one is like both of the first two ideas rolled into one. You are collecting to give things away or to sell at a garage sale. Imagine the heart-warming smiles of people falling in love with something that is just clutter in your home.

You can help someone else have the joy of shopping small and celebrating big. Gather up just a few things that could bring happiness to someone else, and then bring them to a friend’s garage sale or to a thrift shop. As you give things away, watch your heart open up to receive more joy and peace.

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