Common Errors That Small Businesses Make When Choosing an Exhibition Stand Designer

Hiring the right exhibition stand designer is arguably the most important thing that a company can do when attending a trade fair, as much of the success that they have in attracting and engaging people with their stand comes down to how appealing and engaging the booth that has been designed is.

Although the activities or presentation that the company is running at the stand is important, the design needs to incorporate this and also make the whole affair attractive to passers-by so that they are keen to get involved and see what the brand has to offer.

However, this can be difficult for smaller business that do not have a lot of budget to work with compared to major companies that can afford to pour large amounts of money into choosing the best custom exhibition stand designers around. To give a little bit of guidance in this area, here are the common errors that small businesses make when choosing a stand designer.

The first thing that small businesses do wrong is worry about how they are going to compete with their big competitors, and can spend far too much money and time concerned with how to outdo the companies that have thousands of dollars to spend on creating the most captivating and engaging display at their stand.

These business rivals are likely to be the centre piece of the show anyway, and there is simply no point for small companies to try and outdo them on the same level, as they will likely fail. Instead they are much more likely to enjoy major success by working within their means and competing with rivals on a similar level to them.

This can mean that they aim at producing great, interactive small custom exhibition stands in order to stand out from the other small businesses attending the event. They will therefore have a much bigger chance of standing out positively amongst the crowd in their own category of stand and business size.

When it comes to choosing the designer for custom exhibition stands, this means that bigger is not always better either. Instead of looking for the big companies that can create the largest and most impressive stands, it is perfectly reasonable for businesses with smaller budget to look at less expensive, up and coming designers that offer a high level of creativity and innovation.

It is often creativity and innovation which will attract people to your booth at an event, and these attributes are priceless. Look for design companies that offer these in abundance, regardless of the price tag, and you will be much more likely to get great results, rather than focusing on finding the ‘biggest and best’ design company to help you.

However, another error that is commonly made is only hiring the small exhibition stand designers out of fear that the budget will explode when working with a bigger, more well-known company. However, there are many more established designers of custom exhibition stands that will offer their services to smaller businesses, as long as a budget is clearly defined and possible to work with.

A final error that small businesses make when choosing a stand design company is not asking for recommendations. Really, there is no better guarantee of a great experience than working with a company that an associate has sung the praises of, and this is a short cut to success for any business.

This is a mistake that many new business make in particular – instead of trying to navigate the exhibitions and design market alone, it is often much wiser to ask associates what has worked for their own small business and who helped design their spectacular stand. This will make it so much easier to make an impact, despite lack of experience.

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