Common Mistakes When Buying Custom Clothing

Despite the ease of designing and ordering great custom clothing online, there are a few common mistakes that people make when doing this. Here are a few of these frequent errors and how to avoid them in the future, whether this is your first time using such a service or if you have been disappointed in your order before.

The first common error when buying personalized shirts or custom hoodies online is not to check the quality of the shirts before you order. This includes everything from the thickness of the material, whether it is lined or not, where it is made, how durable the print or embroidery is and much more.

Of course, this is bound to be an area where people are often disappointed, simply for the fact that it is very hard to judge from a photo online just what an actual garment is like. For this reason, if you have the time it is strongly advised for you to ask for a sample garment or strip of material to be sent to you for evaluation, which can help you decide whether you are satisfied or not.

This is especially important if you are ordering a large number of garments from a team or a group of people,and you want to make sure that the clothing is durable and well-made enough for your purposes. This is especially true of sports teams or employee uniforms, where chances are you will be getting a lot of use out of these garments.

If you cannot get your hands on a sample or you are short on time, make sure that you ring up the company and ask for a detailed description of the quality of the garment, such as the quality of stitching and the thickness of the textiles used. Also look for customer reviews of their products so you can see how satisfied other people were with product quality.

The next common error that is made when ordering personalised t-shirts or custom hoodies online is not checking how long it takes to manufacture and ship a product. It is often the case that some teams, groups and organisations will need to order and receive orders on a very urgent basis, and therefore checking that you will receive an order rapidly is of utmost importance.

Again, it is worth checking customer feedback here too, as you are likely to get a sense of whether or not a company generally ships their products on time or if there are frequently delays. Sometimes, delays may not be a problem for you if the order is of top quality, but being aware of this will help you plan and make sure that you get your order on time if you know the schedule you are working with.

Lastly, a mistake that many people make when ordering custom shirts or custom hoodies online is not checking the return and exchange policy thoroughly. This is important, as there can often be small errors made, wrong sizes sent out, or simply faulty designs that have some how slipped through the quality control net.

Ensure that you know the process to follow if there is an error, and whether it will be difficult or simply to return products if they are not up to scratch. Of course, ensuring that you are satisfied should be a top priority of the company you are ordering from, so to check this is really the case so you can place your order in confidence.

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