Create Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony – Let Fluffy Carry Your Rings at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Your dog can be in your wedding. However, Fluffy

  • Must be welcome at the venue at which you’re marrying.
  • Can’t mind hanging out in a large crowd of people.
  • Must well behaved. No, really, well behaved.
  • Must have someone other than the bride and groom that he or she will listen to.
  • Must have owners who can delegate the responsibility of Fluffy to others.
  • Must have a good place to go to for the rest of the wedding because you will not want to worry.

Dogs are great. And they can be a really wonderful addition to a wedding. I’ve seen the proudest pooches saunter down the aisle with a handler in a way to make a bridesmaid really jealous. I’ve seen them sit at attention and watch the wedding and bring up the rings when it was time and when they were called and not a moment before.

But you need to be fair to the dog and honest with yourselves. If your dog is nervous and unhappy in crowds or being separated from you, this may not be a good idea. Your wedding needs to be about the promises you are making to one another and not about handling your dog. You need to be able to concentrate.

I have seen less than wonderful things happen. And while they were funny, the wedding ceremony never got focused on the wedding vows and the witness to the marriage being made that day. Dogs have peed, run away, and refused to give up the rings. One poor doggie put his paws over his ears and howled during the flute solo. The flautist was a friend and completely freaked. She gave them the music as a wedding present and had worked hard to prepare. That didn’t work so well. And then there was the wedding reception/wedding cake incident. That was a disaster as well.

Dogs really don’t belong at the wedding reception, the bride and groom have work to do there as well and your friends are there to mingle and have a good time. Remember, Fluffy won’t like the band. And Fluffy really won’t like flute music. And sometimes Fluffy doesn’t like the attention of 50 small children. So be fair to Fluffy, and have a great wedding with one of your best friends in attendance.

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