Creating a Designer Kitchen With RTA Cabinets: Using Custom Touches

Have you ever leafed through a design magazine or browsed a builder’s model home park and wondered why those kitchens look so special? Sure the cabinets look great, but what is it that really makes those kitchens stand out? In many cases, it’s simply the accessories designers add as finishing touches and you can create a similar look with your RTA kitchen cabinets.

Custom Touches for your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Your RTA cabinets are already going to look high end with their solid wood doors and faces, but to design a kitchen that causes people to stop and take notice – it’s often about the accessories. The good news is that so many of the finishing touches that can make your kitchen the talk of the neighborhood are actually very budget friendly. A few to consider for your wood kitchen cabinets:

• End Panels – if you want to make the exposed sides of your base and wall cabinets look as sharp as the faces, end panels are the answer. They can also be used to dress up any exposed sides or backs of island cabinets to give your work area the appearance of handcrafted furniture. Design tip – if you have a knee wall separating the kitchen from your living area, cover the living area side of the wall with end panels that match your cabinets to create flow

• Mullion Doors – many designers add at least one mullion door to their kitchens as a focal point or contrast to the other cabinet faces and it can be amazing how it draws visitors’ eyes. It’s also a great place to display that dinnerware you inherited or your salt and pepper shaker collection.

• Crown Molding – wide crown molding can make any room stand out and your kitchen is no exception. The trim is available in widths ranging from 1.5 inches all the way up to an elegant 4.25 inches and may be just the finishing touch your kitchen needs

There’s no reason to settle for a nice kitchen when you can accessorize and have the designer kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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