Fashionable Jewelry

Fashionable Jewelry

In mid-1900 Hollywood and the general American culture greatly influenced women’s fashions. Women wanted a share of the glamorous life styles of the celebrities they admired, and by wearing copies of celebrity outfits and jewelry they could live out their dreams.

The shortage of metals during the Second World War seriously affected jewelry production. Costume jewelry therefore flourished and became an acceptable alternative to fine jewelry.

The rapid rise of television in the 1980’s saw an increase of glitzy jewelry displayed on our screens, with earrings and other jewelry pieces growing to an unbelievable size.

On the one hand, the glitzy large earrings of the late 1900’s have been replaced with tiny real diamond studs. On the other hand, though, the current hip hop jewelry trend may be indicating that we are coming full circle with our jewelry tastes.

Hip hop celebrities are having a huge impact on the wholesale jewelry market. These artists are wearing oversized jewelry pieces, or ‘bling’, and have thousands of their fans copying them. Of course, in most cases fans cannot afford the expensive diamonds worn by their hip hop stars, but they can go for high quality cubic zirconia chains and pendants that rival the expensive items in shine and looks.

Today many women prefer to combine fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Swarovski crystals set in gold can be common accessories, for example, or imitation diamond jewelry can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of real diamonds.

You can stamp your own individuality with today’s trendy jewelry. Eye-catchy earrings or a gorgeous ring or pendant can draw people to you – for whatever reason. We do wear jewelry to enhance our beauty or to expose our personality to the world at large – don’t we?

Diamonds, for example, are not just for the domain of the rich. The price of these gems is related to their carat weight, but purchasing a particular item below a standard carat weight can sometimes get you an impressive quality diamond at a considerably cheaper price.

Bridal jewelry. The local jewelry store used to be the traditional place to buy simple wedding bands. Today, however, couples buy matching bands from Internet stores that offer a myriad of choices of unisex rings that have more of a custom look and individual appeal.

The Internet has revolutionalized the way we shop. Before we had to spend considerable time locating a store that offered a wide selection of quality, affordable jewelry. Today, online shopping provides a fast, convenient avenue to explore a multitude of shops. There are discounts galore and we have a huge variety of jewelry to suit all tastes.

Shop around – the Internet certainly gives you the ability to do that.

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