Four Catholic Jewelry Boxes You Need

Four Catholic Jewelry Boxes You Need

A jewelry box is something that everybody could use. Without them your precious belongings would be scattered throughout a room or shoved away in random drawers. A jewelry box will make certain that you know where your special items are at all times. There are many different kinds of jewelry boxes that you can choose from. There happen to be plethora of Catholic themed jewelry boxes, and they are all very beautiful. Many have scenes straight out of the bible on them, while others contain men or women for the history of Christianity and Catholicism. These boxes can be just a special to a person as the items they store inside it. With so many boxes to choose from, you could probably use a little bit of guidance in making your final decision.

1.) Ecce Homo Jewelry Box – This jewelery box will keep anything you treasure completely safe and in great shape. It is made out of toned oak wood and has a velvet interior that ridiculously soft. This box can store just about anything, but it is especially great if you have delicate pieces of jewelry to store such as nice earrings or a bracelet. The outside of this box has a scene of Jesus on it. In the scene he is wearing the crown of thorns he was given before his crucifixion. He looks to be in great pain but is looking upwards towards God, and seems to be keeping his composure and asking for strength to keep going. The scene depicted on this box is very inspirational and I think it really adds to the quality of this box. “Ave Maria” plays when you open this box and it comes already in packaging so if you plan on giving this box as a gift then you will be set as far as that is concerned.

2.) Guardian Angel Jewelry Box – This jewelry holding box features two young children being guided across a rickety, old bridge by a guardian angel. The bridge is massive and looks to be over a large waterfall and some rocks. While this box would make a great gift for anybody, it would be best given to a child because of what is on the front. This jewelry box could make a solid Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation gift. The scene on the top of this box is also outlined with gold trim, which makes it look very elegant.

3.) Holy Family Jewelry Box – The scene on the front of this storage box is truly wonderful. It feature Mary and Joseph, with a young Jesus standing in front of them. All three have halos around their heads and seem to be in prayer. Joseph is holding a handful of flowers and in front of Jesus their are two more bundles of them. This would be a great gift for Christmas because of how young Jesus is in it. This box also plays, “Ave Maria” when you open it and has gold trimming around the picture on the front.

4.) Immaculate Conception Jewelry Box – This wonderful, Catholic box plays music when you open it and features a very delicate inner lining of velvet. This box would make a wonderful present for a new mother, or you could give it to your mother for Mother’s Day. On the front, lined with a nice trimming, is a scene of Mary. She gave birth to Jesus although she was still a virgin. On this box she is surrounded by babies. She is standing on a cloud and seems to be keeping a watch over the many children in front of her. This symbolizes her position as the mother of the Church, who keeps a watch over all that goes on to her children the followers of the Catholic faith.

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