Good Pick-Up Lines: Pick-Up Lines to Make a Girl Notice You

Are you attracted to this girl but is not sure if she will notice you? Do you want to approach her the next time you see her? Are you thinking of some good pick-up lines to make her notice you and talk to you?

Whoever says that guys don’t have problems when it comes to approaching girls as much as girls do obviously do not have an idea at all when it comes to approaching girls. Guys fear rejection too and so they have to think twice before approaching girls and trying to start a conversation with one. For guys, the first approach is the make-or-break deal. If you do not hold her interest the first time you meet then you are out of the picture for the rest of the dating scenes. Thus, guys have to have good pick-up lines in order to attract the girls’ attention. If you are still at a loss on what good pick-up lines to have then you can use the following as a start:

Pick-Up Line #1: I wasn’t feeling the party mood until you arrive: An example of good pick-up lines, you can call this the nice smooth one. If you are in a party and see a girl you like, you can then approach her and say this line to make her notice you. If she smiles, then it’s a sign that she noticed you and your cool approach.

Pick-Up Line #2: I was about to leave but couldn’t help noticing your cute smile: This may sound cheesy but hey, this can be a nice example of good pick-up lines. Girls will surely fall for this. Don’t try this on just about any girl you see though. Try to see first if she’s married or waiting for a date as you might not like it if the guy she’s with shows up with a face that could launch a thousand punches.

Pick-Up Line #3: Funny, but I think I’ve seen you before: This is one of those good pick-up lines that can make a girl take notice of you out of curiosity. If you feel that she is already all ears to hear more about it then make up some stories just to continue with your conversation. Say, you thought she was someone you knew from way back, like in college or when you were having your vacation in Rome. She will never know you’re lying unless you tell him, which you cannot afford to do if you don’t want to be hit with something hard, say the cute colorful bag next to her.

Pick-Up Line #4: Your face is perfect, the kind that will give me a high mark in my Photography Class: This line is ideal if you have a camera with you. However if you are not bringing one, some girls will still fall for this if you sound convincing enough and not just someone who’s trying to hit on a girl. If you have a camera with you, you have to ask permission first to take her photo before you go snapping pictures of her or you might just have your first ever slap-in-the-face experience, which you will not surely like.

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