How to Pick Up Women So Easily You Will Laugh – These Are the Dirty Dating Tips You Must Know Now!

Getting a chick is actually easy because their psychology has been mastered a long time ago by players. All you need to know is what those bad guys are doing that makes women go so wild for them. You see, regardless of your financial situation or looks, you can actually win a gorgeous babe over; so long as you implement the same tactics that womanizers use. Here is how to attract women into your life easily…

Consider the following scenario as a lesson on how players pick up chicks… only I will narrate the story with the womanizer being you….

Women are driven on 4 emotions. They are happiness, sadness, anger and surprise. Your first approach must be so surprising that she wont have any choice but to continuously think about you, just because she is trying to figure you out. You eliminate almost all of the rejection when you shock and stun a girl.

This is easy, because all you have to do is walk up to her and her friends and act like you were late for meeting them. They will wonder where they know you from, and before they can even ask you, order a drink and start talking about a sad story. Say on the way over you found out your best friend has cancer, and he is only 20 something.

Make up some story that will grab their attention but be believable. This will get them sad and confused and many emotions running. Emotions are good as long as you are not stirring up their “weirdo guy get out of my face you creeper” emotion….

Next, talk to the girl who you are actually interested in, and continue along the lines of being very interesting (learning how to tell interesting stories is a huge hint to keeping a chick’s interest in you)…and then suddenly turn to her friends, ask what they think and begin complementing her friends.

This will make her very mad, which is OK; because women thrive on being angry half the time anyways; and I would know, I’m a girl. So now you have her all riffled up, because she had something but you just took it away. What did she just have? Your attention. She had your time, and your attention; and now she feels like she has to prove to you that she is worth your time.

This is how men on the top go home with women every night or whenever they want; they simply “Indian give”. They give something a bit, then take it away. Women are driven crazy by this and accept it as some sort of challenge, which they love; and it also gets their emotions running, which they love as well.

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