Is Your Company Making These Graphic Design Mistakes?

Companies use graphic designing to depict their brand image, promote their products/services and research its business. This provides them with a lot of opportunities to maximize their creativity while nurturing their business. No matter what they plan to design: a website, logo, brochure, business card or product replica, this doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

When there are mistakes in a web design, this can affect the company’s prospects in a negative way. On the other hand, a design, which is given a lot of thought can help businesses strike the interest of their target audience and gain their trust as well.

This article shows a list of the usual graphic design mistakes that can be avoided. In doing so, businesses can enhance their graphic design strategy to come up with flawless designs.

The Common Graphic Design Mistakes that Businesses can Avoid

Some common graphic mistakes that can be prevented to create great designs and impress an audience are the following;

Using Obsolete Effects

Viewers get easily attracted to designs that are creative with their new color schemes and font effects. So, businesses should not use designs with out-of-date effects. For instance, it would not be a good idea to use drop shadows effects, which were popular when graphic designing was just new simply because these will look obsolete.

Using Several Fonts

One of the major mistakes made by graphic designers is using too many fonts, which makes the message conveyed not too clear. Visitors get distracted with the different fonts in a design. When the fonts are consistent, there is continuity and it is easy to convey the company’s message and establish its brand identity. In choosing a font, it is important to consider the size of their piece and length of text.

Poor Execution of Gradients

It is best to avoid using too many poor-quality gradients. To create eye-striking gradients, they need to study the color wheel and know how to utilize trajectory graphic programs. They should see to it that the gradients match their design and are well executed.

Use of Stock Images

Including stock images are effective in projects that require some particular images. However, using stock images in excess can let a project look very unprofessional. In addition, their marketing piece should include new stock images instead of those that are common and which have been already used. It is best to get clear, high-resolution stock images.

Use of Raster Graphics

Raster images should never be used in creating brand logos. Instead, logos should be created using vector images since they can adjust to all mediums and get easily scaled with different sizes. On the other hand, raster images with their array of several color pixels have a difficult time scaling with different sizes.

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