Is Your Make-Up Taking a Toll on Your Skin?

Is Your Make-Up Taking a Toll on Your Skin?

Make-up and cosmetics form an intrinsic part of women’s daily regimen. However, make-up products and cosmetics comprise of an extensive range of chemical ingredients that can wreck havoc on your skin with prolonged use.

If you have ever seen TV stars without their make-up, you will know the difference.

We cannot completely cease to use make-up and cosmetics. Therefore, you need to take precautionary steps to maintain the good health of your skin underneath. Here are some important skin care tips you should consider:

Check the Ingredients of Cosmetics

While buying make-up products and cosmetics make sure you check through the ingredients list to see if they contain anything you are allergic too. It’s advisable to avoid cosmetics that include a lot of harsh chemicals as it may cause reactions on the skin. Moreover, high concentrations of chemicals can be bad for your skin too. Always prioritize your skin and choose make-up products that do no harm to the skin.

Test the Cosmetics Before You Use Them

Before you start using the make-up products and cosmetics, make sure you test them on your skin to see how your skin reacts to it. Apply a small amount of the products on a small patch of skin, ideally the inside of your elbow. Wait for a couple of hours before you consider it safe to use.

Check the Expiration Dates of Cosmetics

Always keep a record of the expiration dates of your cosmetics and refrain from using them after they expire. With time cosmetics and make-up products become infested with bacteria which make them unsuitable to be used on the skin. Moreover, they can also get spoiled before the expiration date if they are not stored properly.

Keep the Cosmetics Clean

In order to prevent skin reactions and irritations, make sure to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your cosmetics and skin care products. Always sharpen your eye pencils, wash your make-up brushes and store your make-up equipment in a clean place. Once a month, make sure you clean all the make-up equipment and throw away anything that has become unsuitable to be used or has expired.

Keep Your Nails Clean

Nail care is a very important aspect of skin care. You cannot boast of good skin health until and unless you have healthy nails. Therefore keep them in good condition. Clean them well and use a good quality nail polish to paint them. You should also spend good time taking care of your cuticles on the edges of the nail.

Avoid Using Cosmetics with Skin Disorders

If you have skin disorders like acne inflammations, you should avoid using make-up or cosmetics that contain high concentrations of chemicals and harsh ingredients. Rather use effective acne skin care products and acne treatments to cure the condition. Make sure the cosmetics that your use don’t contain any ingredients that may aggravate the condition.

Use a Make-Up Remover at Night

Going to bed without removing make-up is one of the biggest sins you can commit. The skin pores will become clogged and may lead to acne inflammations and premature aging. Therefore, use a make-up remover to remove all the chemicals and pigments from your skin before you go to sleep at night.

Follow a Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer regimen at Night

The night is the best time to nurture your skin and pamper it. Clean off all the make-up with a make-up remover and then begin your night skin care regimen.

Cleanse your skin with a good cleanser in order to remove all the dirt, debris and excess oil residues from the skin pores. Then dab on toner to rid any excess particles and restore the pH balance of the skin. After that, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

Some Product Suggestions:

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex – It is a superb anti-acneic cleanser that deep cleans the skin and resurfaces it. Though it is a very powerful cleanser, it does not dry the skin and can be safely used by people with sensitive skin. It contains potent antioxidants that eliminate the damage by free radicals.

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner – It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients and herbs that tones the skin and restores the normal pH balance. It contains natural astringent called ‘alum’ that adjusts the skin’s pH levels.

NeoCutis Bio-restorative Hydrogel – The one and only hydrating gel that contains PSP, a unique combination of human growth factors and cytokines to visibly improve the appearance of aging and sun damaged skin!

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