Popular Shopping at Khartoum Sudan!

Shopping is done for personal and home needs. Khartoum has many places for carrying out shopping. Most of the shopping is done in local markets. But foreigners coming to the city prefer branded stores and international shopping malls. Khartoum is well linked by roads and you can easily move to different malls for buying your needed items. They have a better choice of quality and prices. Those taking cheap flights to Khartoum can go for low cost shopping. Any one can find what he wants. It’s most popular shopping malls are;

Al Souq Al-Afranjee: It’s a European style shopping center where both foreigners and locals come frequently for buying different branded items. It is lined with stores selling foreign appliances, foreign trade agents and airline offices. Foreigners taking flights to Khartoum come to this place to buy quality items at reasonable rates. The specialty items sold at this place are; gold and silver jewelry, beads and local handicrafts.

Afra Mall: It’s the first shopping center in Sudan. It houses many Department stores, a hypermarket superstore, 3 movie theatres, food court, internet cafe, pool tables, bowling hall, and a children playing area. It is a mega mall with an area of 30,000 m². It is located in Arkawet, about less than 2 miles from Khartoum International Airport. Due to its location it is easy to reach for the travelers getting into city taking Khartoum flights. From fresh food to toys, clothing, televisions, and appliances Afra has every thing to capture buyers. It is also housing a magnificent restaurant with music.

Souq Omdurman: It is the oldest market in Khartoum. One can find almost anything, from handicrafts to clothes to shoes to kitchen articles. It is also the place to find local handicraft and souvenirs as well as meat and grocery stalls. The prices are generally low here. Locals generally and foreign visitors in particular take flights to Khartoum Sudan take interest in buying long alleys of handcraft products, including gold and silver jewelry, African beads, and copperware and leather items.

Khartoum Bahri: It is the commercial area of the Three Towns. It has a large market where every thing can be found. Its market is interesting enough for a glimpse of Sudanese economics. Those taking flights to Khartoum from UK and other parts of the world go there not only for shopping but also spending some time taking a walk. It is a good recreational area.

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