Quirky Wedding Ideas

One thing that makes weddings really fun is that no two are exactly the same. The most memorable weddings are those which include unique or offbeat details which help to showcase the personality of the bride and groom. With that idea in mind, here are some cute and quirky wedding ideas to inspire you for your own wedding celebration.

Every wedding shares many elements in common, but that is no reason that you have to do them in the expected way. Most brides will give their attendants bridesmaid jewelry, but instead of giving each girl an identical set, why not have custom bridesmaid jewelry made with unique variations for each attendant? What a simple way to show each of your bridesmaids that you see her as an individual, not just as part of a matched set.

Your wedding favors are a great place to try something a little different. No matter how traditional the wedding, it is always okay to go out on a limb with the favors. At one wedding I attended in a mountain resort, the newlyweds gave pens from the resort as their favor; not just any pens, but the retro kind filled with liquid and a moving scene. To dress them up, they handmade special clear triangular tubes which fit the gifts to a “t”. It made a nice presentation for favors which were inexpensive, but also fun, unique, and enjoyed by all the guests.

Re-purposing items can be a wonderful way to decorate your wedding in an unexpected way. Why not use a vintage dresser to hold your escort cards instead of the standard table with a white cloth over it? This makes a fun diy project for the creative bride, as you can refinish a thrift shop find by sanding it and painting it in your wedding colors. It looks particularly funky and fun when the piece of furniture is used for an outdoor wedding. This idea can be applied to any place you need furniture for your wedding, not just the escort card table. Best of all, at the end of the day, you will have a great new table or dresser for your new home.

Centerpieces are one of the main forms of decorations for most wedding receptions. Flowers are always gorgeous, of course, but blossoms in a vase do not always look so original. Think of new ways to display your flowers, like putting them under a sheet of Plexiglass on the table or inside clear boxes. Or skip the flowers altogether and design centerpieces around something that is near to your heart.

Book lovers can stack up piles of their favorite classic stories (pick up vintage hardcover versions in second hand shops) and top with a ribbon or a few loose cut flowers. Or maybe you are headed to Paris for your honeymoon. Attractive Eiffel Tower replicas would look marvelous as centerpieces. Almost anything goes, as long as it looks stylish or beautiful. Allow your mind to wander and your creative juices to flow, and before you know it, you will have planned a wedding which is quirky, fun, and entirely you.

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