Throwing A Fun Filled Dora The Explorer Party

Throwing a Dora the Explorer party should be fun, for you and your guests! Send out your invites two to three weeks in advance. If you can’t find the right invites, make them. Use bright paper and have on the front that Dora invites them to explore a birthday party with her! Find or make a map to your home inside with your child.

For a party of mostly young girls, get some old dress up clothing. Have them ready when the guests arrive. They can pick and choose and wear their new clothing during the party. If you don’t have any good older clothing, head to a local thrift shop, they should have a lot of items for not that much. Girls adore dress up.

For more Dora the Explorer ideas for your party, have the kids make some bracelets. All you need are some pony beads and some string. Make sure that you have some extra help on hand for this activity.

Those that want something a bit more extravagant get some small backpacks and flll them with items that Dora the Explorer carries around. Don’t forget the Map! Or get one larger one and fill it with interesting ideas. Have the kids pass the backpack around and have them take one object from it. Consider having the children go on an adventure using a map to find different activities throughout your backyard.

For a great Dora the Explorer party, you look into getting a Dora the Explorer piñata. If don’t want to go with a piñata, read a Dora the Explorer story to everyone while they have cake! Most of all make sure that everyone has fun and has a great time! With this theme of a party, it shouldn’t be any problem at all!

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