Unique Traditions Followed In a Brahmin Wedding

Brahmin weddings in India have always had their fair share of rituals and traditions. Being classified as the ones following every ritual staunchly, Brahmins have a show of rituals that are worth watching as well as performing.

They follow rituals that are rich in ancient tradition and culture. They reflect various phases of the evolving rites in India as well. The followers of such rituals are found more in the southern part of the country in states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The Brahmins from Tamil Nadu and Kerala have several rites and rituals that are enjoyable that carry with them essence of the religion. There stands a deep meaning and value behind every Brahmin ritual and hence, it is carried out with purity. No Brahmin marriage is complete without these rituals and you will be amazed as you discover more and more about these rituals.

To start with is the engagement ceremony, which is not just an exchange of rings. It is the authentic onset of the wedding ceremonies for the family – tying the to-be-bride and the groom in a lifetime bond. The engagement ceremony – known as nishchitartham among Tamils, mangni among North and sakharpuda among West-Indians, aashirwaad among East Indians includes the exchange of gifts, besides the rings. It is the first exchange of pre-wedding vows, blessings and good wishes – among the two families.

The engagement is followed by the wedding day rituals – which start with the first rays of the sun. It includes various rituals that vary from region to region and are different among various communities.

The East Indians have a typical ritual of walking to the river Ganges or the nearest holy river and performing a ceremony to invite the holy river at the wedding and bless the newly wed. In some states, Brahmins plant banana trees in the morning where the final rituals shall be held for the wedding. These rituals are followed by various kinds of necessary pujas, which are exclusive among Indian Brahmins.

Maharashtrian Brahmins, too, have a fair share of rituals in their weddings. There are various sects of Brahmins spread throughout the region and they all have unique variations to their ceremonies, which are enriching in their own right. The sakharpuda or the typical Marathi wedding ceremony, indulges the girl to wear green bangles which are considered auspicious and the couple is blessed with sugar called sakharpuda, signifying the wishes for sweetening their married lives.The ceremony of kelvan is an essential part of the Marathi Brahmin wedding ceremony, when there is a grand feast in both families as well as a puja is performed for the kuldevta or lord of the family followed by another engagement ceremony and the ceremonial wang-nishchay meal.

If you are thinking of getting married into a Brahmin family and want to hold all rituals in the traditional way you can always use the services of any Brahmin matrimony. They have many wedding planners who have a complete know how about the rites and rituals and will help you arrange the most exquisite Brahmin matrimony.

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