A Woman’s Point of View on Mens Clothing

Since the beginning of time, we’ve looked to the women in our lives to help us determine if our shoes were suitable, our ties were straight and if our pants were acceptable for the shirt we chose to wear any particular day (still trying to decipher the formula for that determination).  At any rate, we always appreciate that point of view that only a woman can provide.  So what are women talking about?  Let’s clarify that – what are women talking about in terms of men’s fashion?  What is it that catches their eye and allows them to give a thumb’s up when we’re shopping for the latest trends?

Surprisingly, most women like the way men do casual wear.  Many believe we pull it off in a way they’ve yet to master.  Let’s face it, for us, casual wear equates to a great looking jumper, jeans and maybe a pair of boots or trainers.  For women, their idea of dressing casual includes their pretty faces made up, a trip to the salon and a carefully selected and meticulously coordinated wardrobe that might or might not include jeans and one of the jumpers from our closets.  Casual days for us begin with the casual attitude we incorporate as we select our clothes for the day. 

Universally, women agree there are those designers who can dress any man in style.  Ralph Lauren is a front runner.  The polo is a classic favorite and the Big Pony polos are still a hot topic.  They also like the rugged look afforded by such lines as Rockport and especially the fall line of sweats and tees.

And, as you might have guessed, for many women, it’s all about the denim. 

The general consensus is stylish jeans, and the Paul & Shark jeans were mentioned several times, are the epitome of men’s casual wear. 

Finally, most of those women who were asked agree; it’s all about the total presentation.  As one respondent said, “The clothes come together to help define the man who’s wearing them.  They define his style, attitude and are indicative of the sense of pride in his appearance.”  We couldn’t have said it better. 

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