Bridal Sarees and Wedding Sarees: Things to Consider

Bridal Sarees and Wedding Sarees: Things to Consider

Indian bridal sarees and wedding sarees have changed a lot over time with the changing fashion trends. A few decades back, there were not many choices available in Indian saris for brides. They used to wear red sarees embellished with Gota and its variants. Now there are lots of alternatives and choices available for the brides in colors, fabric, and embroidery work that sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose from.

The most important occasion in a woman’s life is her wedding ceremony. Every woman wants to look gorgeous and be the most attractive lady in the whole gathering. That is why every woman takes so much time to finalize the outfit for this day. Indian bridal sarees and wedding sarees are probably the best apparel for a bride in which brides look stunning.

While selecting bridal sarees and wedding sarees, women should consider five aspects; prices, color, saree style, drape style and the border of the sari.

The prices

With so many professional designers producing Indian saris the price ranges vary considerably. Prices of bridal sarees and wedding sarees depend on a number of factors like the fabric, the embroidery and the brand. You should keep all of these things in mind while purchasing a bridal Indian sari.

The color

Colors play a very important role in any attire. Bridal sarees are available in many colors. You can choose the color that you like and which suits your skins complexion. For women with fair complexions; beiges, pastels, golden, and pinks are some very beautiful colors to choose from. With darker skin tone you can select colors like red, maroon, brownish red and orange and you will look gorgeous.

The sari style

Nowadays, Indian saris are available in many styles. Like semi-stitched saris and Lehenga-cum-saris. The advantage of buying a semi-stitched sari is that you do not have to worry about the procedure to wear the sari. You need not bother about the pleats and just wrap the sari around your waist and tuck it in properly. A lehenga-cum-sari is more comfortable and a bride looks slimmer in this sari because it does not have pleats.

The drape style

Sarees provide flexibility for the different types of styles you may adorn them. Different drape styles can alter the whole look. You should keep in mind your favorite drape style before finalizing the purchase of a saree and select the fabric accordingly. For example, if you want to wear your sari in Bengali style, you should choose a stiffer fabric like kanjeevaram silk.

The border

In some traditions it is a must have for a bride to do the ghongat or veil. When choosing a sari to wear with a veil, it is important to concentrate on the color and the embroidery done on the border. Nowadays, brides wear a dupatta over their head. Wearing this dupatta makes it easy to do the veil or ghonghat. These dupattas have very rich and heavy work and look extremely attractive.

Bridal apparel is a dress with lots of sentiments attached. It is planned and decided with care and love. There was a time when work on saris was done at home by the bride, her sisters and other women of the house. Nowadays, designer bridal sarees and wedding sarees are provided ready-made with all customizations being done at the place of purchase.

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