Bridesmaid Dresses Disasters Uncovered

Being chosen as a bridesmaid is not always a bed of roses. True, as a bridesmaid, you have the privilege to be part of the bridal entourage in one of the fabulous bridesmaid dresses. As a bridesmaid, you will have immediate access to bridal showers and bachelorette parties. You would even have the chance to shop for the bride’s wedding dress – in Toronto or just about anywhere. As a bridesmaid, you probably have a say in the design of the evening dresses – Toronto or elsewhere.

But when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, some complications can arise. It’s truly a great thing if you notice those disasters way ahead of time. Otherwise, no one would blame you if you suddenly turn into bridesmaid-zilla!

So, what are some of the aspects regarding bridesmaid dresses that could go wrong? Let’s name some of them:

1. Too tight, or too loose.

Since fitting of bridesmaid dresses is done months before the wedding day, chances are you would either gain or lose weight for the time being. And come wedding day, you can either force yourself into that tight dress or suffer looking like a tent.

When you are in this dilemma, you can always go to a dressmaker and have some alterations. Pay extra if you are short on time. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, nothing is worse than wearing a gown that looks like something that’s borrowed.

2. Color-skin tone mismatch.

Usually, bridesmaid dresses are in uniform color. And since all of the bridesmaids are rarely ever related, chances are there will always be fair-toned and dark-skinned ladies. And usually, wedding planning does not involve having everything re-organized just to fit every bridesmaid’s skin tone.

So what do you do? Do you decline the invitation of being a bridesmaid?

Most probably not. What you can do instead is get on that dress and exude an air of confidence. Even if the color does not complement your skin tone, there’s virtually nothing that you can do about it. So why bother stressing yourself over mismatched bridesmaid dresses? Just get on it, walk down the aisle, perform your duties and flash that Close-Up Smile for added charm!

3. The Wedding Cake Bridesmaid Dress.

It’s a reality – some couples simply go too far and get bridesmaid dresses that look more like wedding cakes rather than dresses. Some couple love to dress their entourage in a very fancy way – complete with all the frills, bows, laces and frou-frou!

When you happen to be one of their bridesmaids – and consequently wearing one of their hideous bridesmaid dresses – what should you do?

Once again, your dressmaker will be your fairy godmother. Ask her if there’s anything she can do to transform layers of useless lace into something elegant. Of course, ask the bride is it’s okay to have some adjustments in the design. It would truly be helpful if her answer if affirmative. Otherwise, you may want to call your confidence power once again. After all, it takes a real friend to confidently wear a hideous dress in front of millions of people just to make a bride happy.

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