Buying Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

As most jewelers have found, a jewelry box is one of the most recognizable trademarks of the industry. If your customers take home a pretty one, they won’t be discarding it in a hurry. People tend to hold on to pretty, cute items like well made boxes. This would be the best advertisement that you could ever have.

Your store may stock fine, classy jewelry, but it will have that extra edge when packaged in a pretty jewelry box. It would be good business sense to buy wholesale jewelry boxes in several shapes and styles, so that any jewelry that leaves your store leaves well packaged. This would add a touch of real professionalism.

You can get excellent advertising mileage by customizing the jewelry boxes used by your store. Wholesale jewelry box manufacturers will readily customize jewelry boxes if you order a large enough lot. Use your creativity and some advice from experts to come up with eye catching shapes in pleasing colors. Have the name and logo of your jewelry store printed on the box in a classy, stylish manner.

Jewelry stores use jewelry boxes for display also. Display cases play a very important role in making a piece look attractive enough to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Wholesale jewelry boxes meant for display cases are manufactured as per customer request so that specific details can be added to the design. Certain standard designs are always made available to cater to usual requests. The size and shape of these jewelry boxes depends on the amount of space available in the jewelry shop.

If space is limited, a vertical 360º jewelry display case is an attractive option that is often chosen. The 360º display case conserves space while adding an illusion of depth. It allows your jewelry to shine from all angles maximizing its appeal. L-shaped jewelry display cases are chosen when there is the necessity to utilize a corner.

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