Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Once you’ve decided upon booking a wedding videographer for your marriage day, you need to select the correct video company in exactly the same way that you would choose a wedding photographer. Whilst it’s important to stay within your budget, don’t be swayed from looking at companies outside your original price bracket or catchment area. Also don’t immediately opt for the cheapest quote. It’s important to view as many wedding DVD samples as you can since each company will have their own unique style of filming and editing. There are two main categories to Wedding Videos, a documentary style wedding video or a more cinematic version. Which style you choose will dramatically effect the overall price, since most of the work on a wedding DVD is carried out after the event, in the editing suite. Most wedding videos can take around a week to edit, so remember that when you’re looking at the price you’re not just paying for the videographer for the day itself, but a potential weeks editing. If the value they’ve placed on this is low, then you need to question what results you can expect.

A documentary style video is a more fly on the wall style, with a videographer filming events as they happen, but with limited editing afterwards. Therefore the price of this style of video will be much lower as it may only take a few days to create. A cinematic style wedding video is a more produced, professional final edit, often a two camera operation and more like a television programme, with music, effects and titles produced onto your DVD. This is a much more time consuming process but ultimately a more satisfying product to watch.

Once you’ve chosen your recording style, you need to consider the equipment used by the video company. Technology is always changing and the best companies will always invest into their equipment. Therefore if a company is offering you wedding videos recorded in High Definition you can be rest assured that your video picture will be of the highest quality currently available. However, as well as picture quality you need to consider sound. Try and ensure that radio mics are used during the recording of the wedding ceremony and speeches. Depending on the venue, the video camera may be a fair distance from you during the wedding ceremony.

Ambient mics (mics on a camera) will record all the ambient noise in the church, or the echo in a big hall, and will not capture the vows as crisply or as clearly as that of a radio mic inconspicuously attached to the Groom. If a company does not record in High Definition or provide radio mics, they may not be as experienced as you expect, but will definitely not provide you with the best recording of your wedding day. Spending a little more money with the right company will be worth it’s weight for this one-off special occasion. Also, ask for recommendations from friends and relatives. Even a company should be happy to direct you to previous clients, for you to contact for feed back on their final products.

A professional company should also provide you with a contract, clearly stating their Terms and Conditions. If at all possible try to meet up with your videographer, since it’s important that you feel relaxed with them. Also find out which wedding photographers they have worked with before and would recommend, since experience has shown that some work better with some than others…

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