Drop Shipping Vs Affiliate Marketing – The Advantages of Wholesale Drop Shipping in Clothing Sales

The internet offers great opportunities for your clothing sales. However, there is also a lot of competition among various internet sites offering the best clothing at the best prices. In order for you to have a competitive advantage, you need to be able to offer your customers quality clothing at a great, affordable price. Two methods that have shown great success for online vendors have been affiliate programs and drop shipping partnerships.

Both affiliate marketing and working with wholesale vendors who drop ship allow you the opportunity to sell clothing without the upfront expense of having to purchase inventory and store it. This provides you the opportunity to improve your cash flow and not be stuck with a large amount of clothing that did not sell.

The biggest advantage will be to your profit margin. With affiliate marketing, a portion of the purchase price goes to the host site which allows you to market through their program. In addition, affiliate marketing has several choices for the buyer to select from and you can hope that they select your business.

By using a wholesale drop shipper for your clothing supply, you have a number of options available to you. You can select the items you wish to sell, whether it is men’s, women’s or children’s clothing, accessories or a variety of styles and brands. Simply put the information on your merchandise on your website. Make it appealing by using pictures of the clothes or accessories. When the customer places the order, it will go directly to the drop shipper, who fills and ships the order directly to the customer. You then receive the payment, less the cost of the clothing and shipping. You receive pure profit without having to pay anyone other than your supplier.

The challenge sometimes lies in finding a supplier who offers drop shipping. Many companies do not advertise this as a service since they already do substantial business with established companies and are not looking to increase their business. One solution is to join a wholesale community or take advantage of wholesale directories.

Wholesale directories, such as Salehoo, offer a variety of clothing wholesalers and drop shippers with name brands and many styles to choose from. Many directories also offer reviews of their members, customer support and search engines that help you find the appropriate supplier quickly and efficiently.

The biggest advantage to having your own website and using a drop shipping service lies in the level of business and profit that you have control over. You can market your own business and provide a higher level of customer service with drop shipping over affiliate marketing. The biggest improvement that you will see over affiliate marketing is the profit that you are able to make with your business.

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