How Should Stretching Women’s Fashion Cowboy Boots Be Done?

It is not only important that you care for your women’s fashion cowboy boots properly. It is also important that before you start wearing them on a regular basis you spend time stretching cowboy boots for women. This will actually make them far more comfortable to wear.

Although you can ask for your local shoe repair store to stretch them for you. But there are a number of steps that you can perform yourself at home which are not only easy to do but don’t require too much effort.

However, before you do start stretching your cowboy boots you should ensure that you have cleaned them both inside and out using a damp cloth. By using warm water to clean them this will in turn help to remove any lines or marks from them.

After the boots have had time to dry following cleaning you are now at the stage where stretching them can take place. To do this put on a pair of socks before putting your boots on and then wear them around the home for an hour. This helps to make the leather from which the boots are made warm.

When you take your boots off after wearing them for an hour you now need to fill the whole of the boot from the toes to the top with damp newspaper. Not only should you put in as much damp newspaper as you can so it is tight but make sure that the women’s cowboy boots shape is retained. Now allow the newspaper to remain in place for a few days or a week and slowly it will help to make the boots much softer. After the time has passed you will find that boots have been stretched and fit your feet more comfortably.

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