Portable Trade Show Displays: Maximum Marketing Effect With Minimum Budget Impact

Marketing trade show displays and exhibits provide an excellent way for businesses to meet and mingle with both current and potential clientele on a personal and up close level. While other, newer promotional means such as online search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media networking may tout the ability to connect globally in a nanosecond, a marketing convention still reigns supreme as the leading way to engage with the consumer masses in a face to face manner.

Due to its proven viability as a sound advertorial method, marketing conventions and expos are a huge draw for companies of every type. From small, mom and pop shops all the way through to heavily established market leaders, each year businesses in every industry and of every size make the decision to participate in these important promotional events. With the return on investment including networking, strategic partnership building, broadening brand reach, generating leads and checking out opponents in industry, making the investment in trade show displays seems like a virtual no brainer.

Modular Trade Show Displays Make An Excellent Choice

While the choice to participate in industry events may seem straightforward enough, the road to selecting which trade show display makes sense for your company may prove both long and winding. Booths and exhibits come in a virtually endless list of choices as varied as the companies themselves that use them. However, when making a final choice on the best exhibit, many organizations opt for a modular trade show display. A form of portable trade show displays, modular exhibits bring a host of convenience and promotional benefits to the table that make them a formidable rival to their full-sized booth brethren.

Important Benefits Of Portable Exhibits

The first thing many businesses notice when working with a vendor to design modular trade show displays is that there are few, if any, feature limitations. Just like larger exhibits, a modular booth allows for various shapes, designs, lighting options and other important fit and finish benefits. With such a wide array of options, every business will find that they can truly customize the final look for a one of kind unique appearance guaranteed to make a marketing impact at the next event or function.

Another key feature that portable booths provide is ease of use and set up. These smaller stands don’t require the lengthy and intricate setup process that bigger booths may need. Instead, companies can simply train their internal staff on how to set up and break down these portable stands. This helps save bottom line investment dollars since using employees for setup means never needing to hire an outside firm to manage setup and breakdown needs.

Finally, modular booths can help saving companies money with overall shipping costs. While some portable options may still require advance shipping, their weight will be far less than full-sized models and incur less freight charges. Best of all, some portable designs are actually compact enough to fit right in a case that can be easily carried onto airplanes and trains for the ultimate in transport convenience.

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