Real Problems Today’s Christian Women Face

Today’s Christian women and women in general all over the world, face different challenges. This didn’t start today. Women have been facing a lot of problems since ancient days. There’s need though to find a solution to these challenges and it’s very important to talk about it.

In this article, I want to focus on single moms who are struggling to raise their children all by themselves. There’s hope if you can hold on to the good you are doing for your children.

As a Christian woman, your hope is in God who sees what you are going through every day. Those tears you shed in secret when nobody is looking. I have been there and I hope this message gives you some hope to carry on this journey.

The power of a made up mind

I like to talk about this a lot because I know that nothing can be impossible when you make up your mind. Make up your mind to work hard for your children even if it takes everything from you. Do it with joy no matter how hard it may be now and remember that your children will grow up soon. I have noticed that whenever I tell myself to do something, I end up doing it because it all starts in the mind. If you keep on complaining about how hard the situation is and how you are raising those children all by yourself, you will soon give up.

Great things happen to those who make up their minds. You must know that God has good plans for you and your children. When the father of my daughter disappeared from me and left me pregnant, it was like he took everything from me. I cried and did all the negative things that women do when they are in such a situation.

When I look back now, I thank God that it happened that way. I know that may be God would have changed him and things would have been better for us, but who am I to know beforehand. All I know is that God had a good plan for me and my daughter even before this man did this to us. Today, my life is blessed beyond measure all because I made up my mind to put a stop to self-pity and depression. I decided to concentrate on my daughter alone.

Let go and move on

How long are you going to feel bad for yourself? Is this going to help you in any way? I know it’s very hard to let go and move on but leave the past where it belongs. The past will keep you on the same level. It will blind you from seeing what God has for you in the now.

Lastly, Christian women have God as their source. Therefore, look to him for everything you need.

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