Shopping For Plus Size Clothes in a Medium Size World

No matter if they are referred to as outsize, plus size, king size, over size, or large size, buying plus size clothes for those who are larger than average in stature is far easier now that it was just a few decades back. The clothing industry finally realised there was a large market (no pun intended) for plus size clothes.

Styles which once consisted basically of baggy pants and oversized sweaters or ‘muumuus’ went out and fashion came onto the scene, at last. Some rather serious measuring programs have been conducted in recent years that were aimed at finding more exacting measurements for oversized people, both men and women. From these results have come many changes in the fit and form of clothing. Larger people, who used to stand out due to their attire, can now instead look outstanding and stylish whether at the office or out for an evening on the town.

Plus size clothes generally refers to sizes fourteen and up in women’s apparel and sizes that are over XL in men’s clothing. Men’s oversized clothing is generally called big and tall ever since the nineteen nineties and women’s wear is usually labelled plus-size. The sizing has become more standardised yet it still varies from country to country.

There are over sixty brands to choose from in plus sized women’s clothes in the U.K. but most of them are manufactured elsewhere. A U.K. size sixteen is the equivalent to a size twelve in the U.S. The European sizing is different as well, with the European size of forty six being similar to a thirty six for a men’s suit in the U.S. as well as the U.K.

When it comes to fashion shows, many larger size women tend to be depressed because they cannot find much to select from that will fit them. The best advice may be to simply stay away from fashion shows altogether, and instead shop online at some of the excellent shops that cater to women who are a little stouter or taller and the average. Men have similar difficulties when shopping for off the rack items, it’s just hard to find something that fits correctly.

Shoes are another item of apparel that may be difficult to find a fit for. Men especially, who have very large feet, can find it challenging to find a good fitting, comfortable shoe or boot. Sizes over a twelve are generally difficult to come by unless they are shopped for at a king size for men store either locally or on the internet. Once found, a good fitting shoe source needs to be held in high regard and the name and address not forgotten.

Materials and colour choices have vastly improved over the past few decades in plus size clothes. Now you’ll see a lot of double knit and jersey knit around in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Horizontal stripes in larger size attire are definitely out, as are gaudy flowered dresses or shirts. Subtle colours and form-fitting ‘slinky’ dresses make a fashion statement that shows off a woman’s assets, while camouflaging her less desirable frailties. Overall, fashion has finally found it niche when it comes to those who are comfortable with their size.

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Why the Plus Size Clothing Market is Now Big Business

Plus size clothing has come a long way within the clothing industry and fashion market. In the past, the choices regarding clothing made for plus size individuals was limited, often lacking a respect to the ever-changing fashion trends within society. The availability of different styles was quite poor and unaccommodating. […]
Why the Plus Size Clothing Market is Now Big Business

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