Shopping Is Your Best Friend at the Isle of Wight

Put shopping in your list of things to do during your Isle of Wight holidays and you will surely have a fun time. You will have a lot of department stores, quaint boutiques and family-run stores to splurge in during your Isle of Wight Holidays. You can also visit the farmers markets where you can buy fresh produce and other ingredients for that perfect meal that you wish to prepare in the Isle of Wight cottages. During your Isle of Wight holidays, always make sure that you stay at the immaculate Isle of Wight cottages which will guarantee a comfortable and luxurious stay. What is even better is that shopaholics will have a field day at the shopping centre which is very near the Isle of Wight cottages. Below are some shopping places that you should not miss during your Isle of Wight holidays.

Farmers Market at Ryde

Right near the Isle of Wight cottages is Ryde Town Square in Ryde where the well-known farmers market is located. For those who are planning to cook their own meals, farmers market has a myriad of fresh ingredients for sale. It is very reassuring to know where the ingredients you are buying have come from. In the same manner that there is also some sort of affinity knowing that what you are cooking and serving has been grown, harvested, baked, cooked, brewed or pickled by a local farmer. Every local thing that you buy contributes to the economy of the Isle of Wight. The farmers market allows you to interact with those who produced the crop or ingredient itself. The opening hours of the farmers market at Ryde Town Square allows you to shop to your heart’s content from 8:30 a.m. and can even last up to 12:30 p.m. but only on Saturdays. Even if you do not buy anything, though, this market is still worth visiting with bright and beautiful sites, certainly one of the island’s attractions.

Shopping Centres

Regardless of whether you might be a local or a tourist, you can go shopping at many large department stores and shopping centres in the Isle of Wight. These shopping centres include Argos, Clintons, Millets, Ottakars, MFI, Band Q and Marks and Spencers. They are located quite near to the Isle of Wight cottages. If you are looking for clothes or health care items, you can search for them at these stores. Other things that can be found in the stores are furniture, appliances, electronic gadgets, garden tools, fashion accessories and more. If you are looking for quality CDs, DVDs and other things related to music, you can find them at HMV. After a long day searching and seeking for all those things you want to take home with you after your Isle of Wight holidays, enjoy good food at the shopping centre’s food court where you can also find different type of cuisines according to your liking. A shopping centre is a great place to find almost anything you wish to buy.

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