Shopping Mall Planters for Unique Impact

Shopping malls has one of the highest demands for planters. Shopping malls these days intend to have a strong marketing strategy to increase customer traffic or otherwise they might lose revenue and profit. Although, everything is found in malls, there are stalls that might not be that of importance to some customers especially now that everyone’s budget is tight and almost everyone is looking for ways to save up money. One solution for this would be to invest in practical and unique ways to lure more customers. This could be achieved through renovation of shopping mall stalls and spaces or use what they currently have and turn them into pieces that could capture more customers’ attention.

This is where they turn into planters as materials that could improve their interior and exterior’s appeal. By doing so, this makes a strong strategic method that catches customer’s attention and thus increasing revenue.

Shopping mall planters come in wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Long planters are one of the most used and popular shopping planters. Long planters are more functional in nature. They could be designed as one long planter set in one corner or could be used as a set planter. Modern materials normal are either PVC or fiberglass. For colors, it usually comes in earth tone colors like light brown, wood, gray, or the typical black color.

PVC long planters are more subtle and cost-effective compared to fiberglass planters. They are less expensive than fiberglass and more versatile in style. Although, both PVC and fiberglass planter are sturdy and reliable, their price difference makes a greater level. These type of planters are also great investment as they could last for a lifetime. They could withstand any weather, either hot or cold. Plus, they could be placed under direct heat of the sun without having to worry of discoloration and wither.

Large outdoor planters are also convenient for shopping malls. This could set a more dramatic, simple, yet modern ambiance to shopping mall aesthetic design. They could also be used a borders in parks and pathways. Entrances would also look good with these large outdoor planters.

Because of these planters’ versatility, any plants that are used in them would definitely look good. For shopping malls, however, plants that are low maintenance are more appropriate. Simple plants that are bright in color or those that of blooming plants could create a great impact. You may go for vines, shrubs, hedges, and more. Shopping malls may also go for artificial plants that are more practical, cost-effective, and low maintenance.

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