Wholesale Clothing For Plus Size Women – Discover in Demand Wholesale Clothing Niches

The plus sized clothing industry has made its presence felt in the last couple of years. This niche has grown from the manufacturers after thought of making bigger sizes of regular style clothes to the growing specialized field it is today. With the recognition that there is definitely a market for these apparel, the industry has transitioned from limited production to wholesale clothing production. Whereas before one would be hard pressed to find the most basic Plus size clothing, now there are numerous wholesale dealers who specialize in different niches in the plus size clothing industry. At present the fashion industry executives have realized that this niche is not just about bigger sizes but is more about the specialized styles and cuts that flatter plus size figures and makes them feel more comfortable and confident. These special needs have brought about more manufacturers answering the call to market demands so prices of wholesale clothing have gone down and discount apparel for plus sizes are now available. These are good developments since more types of attire are now being developed and are becoming more affordable and conducive to the retail business. Discount apparel for plus size swimsuits, lingerie, jeans, dresses and separates are very in demand categories for retailers. Before jumping into this buying wholesale to retail business do make it a point to read up on the latest fashion trends. Wholesale dealers will always try to sell you what is more profitable from their point of view; you have to discern which products are best for your retail clients. Utilize these tips to successfully buy affordable plus size wholesale clothing:

1. Utilize legitimate and updated listings and research the feedback of these wholesale dealers. Published magazines are good resources of not only suppliers but also of new trends and developments in the industry. Online dealers are also numerous which can be both a good and bad thing. Good because you have a wide variety of wholesale dealers to choose from bad because there may also be swindlers in their midst.

2. Do your research and find out the sizes and types of apparel that are most popular. Find out which sizes you should stock more of from size 14 to 44. Also if you should stock for petite women and/or tall sizes too. For inner clothing which bra sizes are most common from 36D to 40DDD?

3. Study your competition. Look at other retailers and discover what works and does not in their stores. What items move fast and those that do not so you can avoid stocking them.

4. Other sources of discount apparel are overstocks from manufacturers. These will be very affordable and hence you can make more profit when selling it retail.

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