Why is He With Her? – Why Hot Men Date Ugly Women

Ever wonder why hot men date ugly women? Yep, we all have and it makes us wonder why is he with her? The truth is that there is something more men want than hot bodies and beautiful faces. Can you imagine why a really hot guy would date or even marry a ugly women? Think about it. Do you know any couples like this?

Why Hot Men Date Ugly Women?

1) Above all else it’s the way you make a man feel, do you know the magic of making up?

2) Not all men are about looks, even those who are trade for feelings.

3) Men want a woman that makes them feel good.

4) Men want to be admired, respected and adored.

5) Men want to feel that you find them interesting.

6) Men want to be your hero, the person you depend on and need.

7) Men want complete trust in the fact that you adore them.

8) Knowing you admire and need them insures a trust of security.

The next time you see a hot man walking arm in arm with a ugly woman, remind yourself of admiration. You know how good it feels to be adored and admired. Men are no different than women when it comes to this need. In fact men crave it more as it makes them fill they are meeting the demands of being a man. It has never been more difficult to be a man.

Hard To Be A Man

1) Men are expected to be active at work, home and as volunteers.

2) They fill different roles than did their fathers and feel the stress of comparison.

3) Men are expected to be hands on Dads, Husbands and Providers.

4) Men share the head of the family role with wives more now than ever.

5) Never before have relationships been more 50/50.

Although they live in different worlds than their fathers did, men of today learned by the example of their fathers and the lives the lead. These lives were very different than the ones men are now expected to follow. There is a great deal of conflict within men today. Women can learn to admire men more by understanding their struggle and how well they deal with it.

The Bottom Line

1) It’s not how thin you are – although you should be concerned with good health.

2) You don’t have to be the most beautiful face on the planet.

3) Make-up, fancy nails and clothes don’t score high.

4) Men like for you to look nice, but fake nails, hair and high glamour turn a lot off.

5) Overwhelmingly men prefer the natural look with little make-up.

6) It’s more about being real, men can spot a fake.

7) Be your true self, be honest and don’t try to put on ways.

8) Don’t be afraid to be a little old fashioned, men love tradition.

9) Choose to be with a man you can truly adore and be in love with.

10) Picking a man for the wrong reasons makes it very hard to adore him, if not impossible.

11) True love stands the test of time and men crave it forever seeking it out.

Men want a woman who can make up when they feel rejected due to a difference of opinion. Men want to be able to be honest and you respect that. There is a lot to be learned about men. Men are loyal and good companions and yet if you are not honest and real what you get will not be either. Learn how to adore and find the man that is just right for you.

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