Don’t Overlook the Men When it Comes to Wedding Favours and Wedding Table Decorations

Let’s be honest, it is easy to overlook the groom when it comes to, oh, every aspect of a wedding. Plenty of men just do not care about much other than the honeymoon and kind of cake they will be eating at the reception anyway. So when the bride makes all of the decisions involving small details like wedding favours or wedding table decorations, the groom usually does not argue with the choice of the bride. However, for those of us who are more fair-minded, remember that half the guests at a wedding are usually male, and even though they may not notice a feminine wedding favour, they will certainly remember if your wedding is the exception to the rule.

Traditional weddings are about the union of masculine and feminine traits into a happy couple-so let this be reflected in your wedding decorations and favours!

Good wedding favours for men should be useful and cheap-a difficult combination. That is not to say that some men do not enjoy a good candle, but make sure that the scents are both masculine and feminine. An equal distribution of “pine forest” and “delicate rose” scents may be more appropriate. After all, you want male guests to be able to burn the candle without their home or apartment smelling like flowers.

Many wedding favours can go either way, including candles. Pens, coasters, wine bottle stoppers, shot glasses, or sets of cards can be appropriate for male and female guests. If you want to make a distinction, you can change color schemes or themes to each of the wedding favours. Gold or other metal-plated cuff links are classic favours for the masculine half of your wedding guests. In addition to these ideas, multi-purpose knives and beer mugs are good for men. It has been said that the only way to make sure a man appreciates wedding favours is if they are guaranteed to use it. Because of this, a monogrammed, commemorative napkin may extract an “aww” from your female guests but not impress their husbands and dates.

Wedding table decorations should not be obviously feminine or masculine. Either one of those exclusively would probably be tacky. But an important thing to consider when decorating your reception is to fit the interests of the bride and groom. If the groom is really into sports, it is okay to display something that reflects this on the cake, on the table-anywhere is fine.

Regardless of whether or not you have the budget to get individualized favours for men and women, keep in mind that it is impossible to please everyone. As with most things, the concept behind wedding favours is that it is the thought that counts. Your guests will leave your wedding feeling that their presence was appreciated no matter what kinds of wedding favours you invest in.

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