Getting Your Exhibition Stand Design Right

When you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition and would like your company to have a successful show, you need to ensure your stand gets noticed. This is why the exhibition stand design you choose can make all the difference.

As a business owner you need to make sure the stand is not only noticed, but can be seen from a distance, and is going to catch the eye of your target audience as they walk by. For this reason, when you are choosing your exhibition stand and the right exhibition hire company you have to take the time to consider certain factors to ensure you get it right.

Some of the factors to consider are:

– The location of your stand in relation to your competitors, lecture rooms and facilities

– Power – consider if you need to provide extra electricity to power a monitor to display your product or service by running a promotional DVD. Does the stand come with any or sufficient lighting for your needs? Quite often a stand will only come with very basic lighting as standard. Especially if you have invested in graphics you need to ensure you are well-lit.

– Eye catching graphics and branding to attract the right sort of attention

– A stand design that is attractive, showcases your service, product or brand, but is not too overpowering

– A stand that is large enough for you and your staff, but not too large as to appear bare

– A feature that will encourage people to stop and engage with you

– Make sure you keep your budget in mind and take into account any extras such as extra lighting and carpeting you may require

There are several ways to ensure you attract attention at an exhibition, trade show or other event, but the first impression your stand makes to the exhibition attendees is vital to get right. If you don’t this can make the difference between an attendee stopping at your stand, or continuing on right past you. If you don’t catch their eye and draw them in, you may have a less than successful show. For this reason, a creative exhibition stand design is vitally important.

Make sure you discuss at length with the exhibition hire company looking after the trade show or exhibition you will be exhibiting at well ahead of time. An experienced exhibition hire company can come up with some suggestions that could surprise you and make all the difference to the success of the show for you and your business.

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