Pearls – Add Glamour With Pearl Jewelry

Jewelers in making pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings and pendants use pearls that come in many shape, colors and sizes. The entire fashion jewelry industry is geared to bring the best quality natural gems for all to wear and admire this natural and amazing beauty. It is perhaps women inherent desire to wear all kind of jewelry to look beautiful and attractive. Among other jewelry types such as diamond, gold and precious metals or stones, pearl jewelry has always been one of the most preferred items among women of all ages.

There are many occasions like anniversary, wedding, birth days, valentine’s day, Mother’s day that people often shop around to buy the best quality jewelry as gift items for their loved ones. Among teens, prom and graduation parties are wonderful time to wear these gorgeous looking pearls matching with their trendy dresses. Pearl jewelry is very much affordable and not too heavy on budget.

White color is very much synonymous with pearls but they do come in other attractive colors such as black, pink, lavender, golden and gray etc. There are four varieties of pearls and they are freshwater, Akoya seawater, Tahitian and South seawater ones. Freshwater and akoya sell more than other types typically for their low prices and color brilliance.

Like any other form of jewelry pearls are graded based upon size, color and type. High quality luster with no blemishes on the surface and well rounded one typically command higher values. Only 5 percent of such high grade quality pearl jewelry is available for sale in the international market. There are many good online jewelry stores who sell much of these at very competitive prices. Since their overhead expenses and procurement costs are much lower than other high-end boutique jewelers, customers are the winner for such great deals.

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