Personalized Golf Balls: A Perfect Gift

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a unique statement with a gift, personalized golf balls might be the answer. These are also great souvenirs to pass out at business functions, weddings, and retirement parties. You can also buy them for yourself, as tokens of luck on the course. Your inscription is only limited by your imagination and the size of the little white sphere. Read on for some creative ideas.

Business Functions

If you’re going to a trade show to demonstrate your company’s products and services, give your potential customers something to really remember you by. Most companies hand out plastic bottles, ball caps, or pens. Ho hum. These items probably end up stuffed in the trash or donated to a thrift shop shortly after the trade show is over. If you hand out personalized golf balls adorned with your company’s logo, your customers will think of you kindly every time they swing their titanium clubs. You can also pass them out to your employees as rewards for topnotch performance.


If you and your beloved are avid golfers, why not give personalized golf balls to your wedding guests as souvenirs? You can have your names and wedding date written on each one, and pass them out instead of Jordan almonds or chocolates. Edible souvenirs are soon forgotten, but sporting goods will be played with for years to come. These are also great gifts to give to sporty brides and grooms. Don’t want to give your niece and her new husband another blender? Have their names printed on a bucket of top quality white spheres.


You can give your favorite golfing buddy an 18-pack or an entire bucket adorned with his or her name or some inside joke. Did your friend make a memorable shot back in 1975? Use that memory as your printed note: Hole-in-one April 1st, 1975. You can include a cap, putter, or pair of gloves in the party gift bag, as well.

Retirement Parties

What do most golfers plan to do when they retire? That’s right, they plan to suit up and swing their clubs nearly seven days a week. When they say goodbye to the workaday world, send them off with a bucket of tiny, white spheres with: "Goodbye job!" printed on them.

Lucky Tokens

Many sports enthusiasts have lucky charms that they take with them when they play. Some examples are rabbits’ feet, jewelry, or a special hat. Why not write your lucky mantra or slogan on personalized golf balls for yourself? Some ideas include: "May the force be with you," or "I am woman; hear me roar." If you’re a spiritual sort, you might have a Bible verse or Buddhist sutra printed to give good vibes to your game.

Personalized golf balls can be the most memorable way to say you care about people. You care about your customers, about your friends and loved ones, and you care about yourself. Why not show respect, affection, and encouragement by printing names, dates, and slogans on sporting goods?

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