Plus Size Designer Clothes – Eight Professional Tips to Look Fantastic Wearing Plus Size Clothing

Plus Size Designer Clothes – Eight Professional Tips to Look Fantastic Wearing Plus Size Clothing

Women love shopping and because of this fact, they are the targeted market of various clothing companies. The problem however is that media emphasizes only one thing – anorexic bodies clad in designer clothes and accessories. We see them everywhere, from billboard ads to magazine centerfolds. The terms thin and slender are highlighted too much that for those who are unfortunately in a constant struggle with extra pounds, shopping is unpleasant. Sounds familiar?

Welcome to the club of big and beautiful women. So we’re fat – big deal. We can still look good in plus size designer clothes. All we have to do is find the right colors and the right style and that’s not really hard if we follow the right tips.

First and foremost, if you’re fat, do not wear moo-moos. You might think that wearing large size clothes is the way to go so that you can cover up unsightly body parts. But the thing is, you’ll end up looking bigger than you actually are if you do so. There are several brand-name shops that offer plus size designer clothes that would emphasize your flattering areas. For example, flaunting your ample chest won’t hurt. Instead of wearing turtle necks, wear something with a low neckline. It’s good and it attracts attention in the right place.

Second, along with baggy clothes, anything that looks like a tent should go to your trash bin or if you are feeling a little more charitable, you can always donate it to a thrift store.

Third, don’t wear womens plus size dresses with diamond patterns because they tend to look as if they are stretched once you put them on. Unless you want to appear as if you are a walking truck tire, you don’t really want to don on something that closely resembles it.

Fourth, to create an illusion that your neck is long, you might want to choose plus size v-neck clothes. They’re good for you because they make your neck look longer and you will appear taller.

Fifth, don’t avoid white so long as your white plus size designer clothes are combined with the right wide-legged trousers and a jacket that would give you the hour-glass shape that you may be craving for.

Sixth, clothes that cling are okay so long as they cling on the right parts. Spandex won’t work because spandex clings on all the wrong places. Cotton canvas is better so you might want to try that.

Seventh, make a bee-line for A-line. Big women look good on A-line skirts because these skirts give them the shape of a figure 8.

Finally, the most important thing that you have to remember is, again, just because you’re fat, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good in known brands – there are the plus size designer clothes. There’s a whole bunch of them available in the market and if you are up to it, you’ll find that shopping for them is definitely fun.

So, go ahead!

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