Silver Or Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Choose Them by Heart

Not always the person you know becomes your life partner. In most of the arranged marriages, the bride and groom is unknown to each other. You are aware of the tastes and preferences of the one you know, but to be aware of the likes and dislikes of those whom you don’t know, it takes a long time. As time passes, the couples know each other well. From the first year of marriage that is the infanthood of that relationship, you achieve the state when your bond is fully grown and matured. This is when 25th marriage anniversary comes. To congratulate the couples on the achievement of the twenty five years of their marriage, you can choose wonderful silver wedding anniversary gifts for them.

Silver symbolizes purity in love and hence the twenty-fifth year of wedding is cherished with silver gifts. Some of the silver wedding anniversary gifts are as follows:

  • Silver photo frames are the first on the list. Photo frames give the individuals a fair chance to enjoy their past memories by looking into the photographs preserved within them.
  • Silver means jewelry. Thus, if you want to give something expensive and precious, presenting silver made jewelry items would be the best. It can be a bracelet, anklet, anything. And when it is for your wife, nothing else can be as delightful a gift as this silver wedding anniversary gifts.
  • Silver vases, plates, etc. with the date of the occasion engraved with a lovely message along with it will also be among the most precious items for your beloved.
  • After more 15 years, your relationship will take a new turn where you need to show that it’s still fresh and passionate. 40 years is a long time and hence the ruby wedding anniversary gifts must be special. Ruby symbolizes passion and hence here are some of the items with which you can express your passionate love for your partner:
  • Arrange for a candle light dinner with your partner. Burn some ruby coloured votive candles and decorate the table. Keep the whole thing a surprise for you partner. It will make your gift more valuable.
  • Ruby made jewels can also be preferred. It makes it even perfect if your wives name is ‘Ruby.’

Gifts are nothing but just a way to express your feelings for your partner on the consecutive years of your marriage. Whether it is silver wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts, choose it by your heart, it will surely be loved by your partner.

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