Wedding Packages Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas has more wedding chapels than any other city in the country. You can even have a drive through wedding. Some of the many chapels are: A Little White Wedding, Little Church of the West, Graceland Wedding, Cupid Wedding, Hollywood Wedding and my favorite, A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. Wedding chapels are generally located mostly on the L.V. Boulevard and each major hotel has its own wedding chapel. Additionally, there are other wedding chapels at other locations.

Prices of wedding packages range from a low cost drive through wedding ceremony price of $69 to a luxurious deluxe package that can amount to thousands of dollars. The best advice is to know ahead of time what types of amenities you would you like provided at your wedding, i.e., flowers, cake, music, photography, limousine service, reception, etc. and to know your budget. The Elvis impersonator can be expensive if you want him as a witness to your wedding or to marry you!

A Nevada wedding is a great place to hold a wedding reception. There are many people who can not resist the bright lights and the fun opportunities of the hotels along L.V. Boulevard. This is why many of your friends would suggest that you hold your wedding on the Boulevard so they can go out and have fun as well.

You want to make a note of the fun that you can have at a small chapel, this is what will bring a fair amount of appeal to the situation. An Elvis impersonator is always a “fun” witness or you can be married by him or any other impersonator. If you can think of one you can get him (or her). You can also get you through the wedding process in a very quick way if necessary so you can go ahead and spend your life together. That’s what the drive through is all about.

There are many wedding packages offered by the hotels along L.V. Boulevard. Always do your homework on-line and be sure to look at the chapels located inside of the Wynn Resorts, Belagio, the Venetian, Aria, Paris, Caesars, the Mirage and Bally’s. I personally like the simple, quaint and traditional wedding chapels along L.V Boulevard.

Nevada wedding packages are important, but don’t forget the most important item–your marriage license, which is obtained at the Office of the Civil Clerk, Service, Clark County Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89155 (702) 455-0000.

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