Easy to Keep Wedding Vows – Stay Personal at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

You want to base your marriage on wedding vows that will work for you. Placed at the very heart of the wedding ceremony, the vows you create should reflect who you are and how you interact with one another. The more closely your wedding vows reflect your life, the better able the two of you will be to make this marriage work. And that’s why you’re doing all this work, right?

  • Craft your wedding vows based on your particular love for one another. What is it about the two of you that makes marriage a sensible rather than a ridiculous endeavor?

You all know what the statistics are, right? If this is your first marriage, you have a 50-50 chance that your marriage will survive for more than 7 years. You get to decide in which 50 percent you want your marriage to be. If you opt for the lasting side, then why not do some work to make sure that your chances are better?

Good marriages are not simply luck of the draw. They take perseverance and flexibility. They also demand a fair amount of honesty about who you are and how you act.

Before you craft these all-important vows, sit down and consider why you love your partner. Why does your partner love you? Share those things with one another. Write that information into your wedding vows.

When you’re writing your wedding vows, make them understandable and easy-to-keep. Your marriage will progress far more smoothly if you understand how this love is different from any other love in your life and why it is worth preserving.

Anytime you share your heart with your community, the wedding ceremony is enhanced. In this case, you’re going to be offering your community a piece of your heart and letting them know how hard you will work to make this marriage not just survive, but thrive. That’s going to help them support you. And that’s what you want, because your relationship is worthy of your community’s support. It’s also worth a lasting marriage.

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