How to Fight Fair in a Marriage

How to Fight Fair in a Marriage

Fighting is normal in a marriage. Once in awhile, it is natural to encounter feelings of dissatisfaction and distress in a relationship. The responsibility of daily life can affect even the best relationship. However, there is a good way to fight to ensure your marriage remains strong and unaffected by the conflict. Below are suggestions on how to fight fair in a marriage.

o Get a clear picture of the situation

A conflict can easily arise due to a misunderstanding. Both partners do not have a clear picture of the problem and why the other person is feeling angry and resentful. Therefore, it is critical for both partners to communicate and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. Get to know why the other person is upset.

o Speak softly and gently

It is easy to raise your voice and speak harshly when you are feeling hurt or misunderstood. Always keep in mind that you are talking to your life partner who actually loves you in return. Hence, speak without sarcasm or with the intention to belittle or hurt your partner.

o Respect each other’s opinion

Find out if the conflict is due to the differences in opinion. Coming from different backgrounds and upbringing may cause the differences. If this is the case, find a point where both of you can agree on and if necessary, both must reach a compromise and make it a win-win situation.

o Never criticize

Criticizing the other person is demeaning and does more harm than good. Instead, affirm more and focus on the positive side of the relationship. Keep in mind that all is fair and square in a marriage relationship.

Learning to fight fair is crucial in a healthy marriage relationship. It shows that the couple values the marriage and is willing to fight fair to safeguard it. Their unconditional love is a strong factor to ensure the success of overcoming any differences and to be able to work together to solve any conflicts arising within the marriage.

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