Anklet Jewelry – For The Romantic Foot Fetish

Females love to dress up and they are so fond of jewelry. They are really choosy and love to make their own fashion statements by using different types of jewelry. Especially Indian women are associated with some essential ornaments as a part of their daily life and pieces that have great spiritual and social significance.

India is famous for its culture and tradition and so is the Indian woman for her ornaments. If you observe the Indian woman’s foot, it is neat and clean as the hands. They take great care and pay equal attention on their feet, like they care for their faces.

If you observe carefully you will realize most of the old paintings, drama and poetry, portray the foot as a symbol of sensual desire. You will see the paintings where men touch their lover’s feet. Thus a tender, delicate foot is adored the most and is a symbol of affection and sensual desire.

Not just this, but have you ever seen the photographs where the dancing women expose their feet with anklets having jingling bells. These anklets play a vital role in Indian classical dance where the dancer concentrates on the rhythmic footwork. The overall effect of the dance is really subtle and meaningful. It is worth watching the perfect balance of expressions along with the rhythmic footwork. The jingle of the anklets creates a rhythm and allows the dancer easy movements.

Usually in some tribes, husbands gift their wives anklets with foot bells. These anklets are generally used to frighten snakes. Not just this, but it is also easy for the husbands to follow their wives movements as the anklets carry bells that create a melodious sound when they move. Well there was a lot of importance attached to the use of anklets in the old era.

But now times have changed and anklets are simply used to decorate the feet. It is just one of the ornaments worn. However, anklets are a part of fashion and you can access variety if you hunt the market. You get various colors, designs and patterns. Rather it becomes really tough for you to choose the best for yourself, as all of them are so pretty and unique in their own way.

So if you are dressed very well and have worn all your ornaments then do not forget to enhance your feet with these beautiful anklets. You should always choose the ones that go well with the other jewelry you are wearing. You can get these anklets from any of the jewelry shop or you can also search online to shop for the best. You can also indulge in the ethnic ones.

So expose your feet with the jingling anklets and allow your loved one to adore you. A beautiful jingling pair of anklets gives a great aesthetic value to your feet. Also, if you are confused about the most beautiful gift for your lover, then do consider the pretty anklets, as she will be really happy to own a pair.

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