How to Choose a Wedding Venue For Your Perfect Wedding

There are many different types of wedding reception facilities out there. And before you start visiting them or booking anything, take a moment to consider which of the following types of venue would most suit your perfect wedding:

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are a “no-brainer” when it comes to wedding venues. Typically, they are large, plain, and cheap to rent. You will usually need to bring your own caterers and provide your own alcohol (which is very cost effective!).

Golf Courses

Golf courses are another typical go-to choice for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Usually, they offer a pretty, landscaped garden area, views of the golf course, and a basic reception room. There are many golf courses that do a very good job of wedding receptions; and others that don’t. If you are considering a golf course wedding reception, make sure the venue’s reputation is excellent, and check out all the details for yourself.


Hotels are another easy option for a wedding reception. Although they are usually lacking in character, they do offer the convenience of planners and staff members who will be able to handle your event for you with expertise. Even more so than golf courses, there is a huge discrepancy in quality between hotels – so make sure you do your homework.


Proper, traditional ballrooms are hard to come by in this day and age, but you can still find them in some heritage buildings, private clubs, and swanky hotels. These grand, elegant, huge rooms are usually good for larger weddings – a small group would get lost in a grand ballroom!

Heritage Mansions

In any city, there are typically a few heritage mansions that cater at least in part to wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you are drawn to a heritage look and feel, then consider renting out a local heritage mansion and hiring your own caterers for your perfect wedding.

Community Centres

Community centres are not often thought of as glamorous wedding locations… However, I personally know of two community centres near me that are not only stunning; they are absolutely IDEAL for a wedding reception! So keep an open mind and check out what’s available in your neighbourhood.

These venue types are the ones that are most commonly thought of as wedding ceremony and reception venues. With some creativity, you can also uncover the more unique, hidden gems that 98{429ab47ec6edc388b6294e86ae75f304ecbd477a894283ff02535d40af3f3097} of brides don’t know about!

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