Picking Up Women – Are You Just Too Intelligent?

Do you have little or no success in picking up women? Does it seem like all the really hot women go for the morons and idiots every time? Are you wracking your brain trying to figure out what the problem is and why you, a fairly or exceedingly intelligent guy, have little or no luck with picking up women? The sad truth is that you might just be too intelligent.

Sure, women say all the time that they are looking for an intelligent guy and intelligence usually ranks up there in the top five traits that most women consider important when looking for a guy to date or marry. The truth is that along with intelligence comes many complications and problems even if a woman is fairly intelligent that many women can’t handle.

So what are you to do? As an intelligent guy what can you do to improve your success rate when it comes to picking up women and having a successful relationship? Probably the key factor to keep in mind is that even though women say they are looking for an intelligent guy they are not looking for a guy that is going to make them think too much or feel stupid. Nobody likes to feel stupid and nobody likes to be shown that they are wrong or that their logic is faulty.

When picking up women you should concentrate more on how you make a woman feel as opposed to making her think. Yes, she says that she is looking for intelligence but if your intelligence makes her feel stupid then you are going to fail at picking her up. Try making her feel beautiful or sexy. Or use your intelligence to make her feels smart herself!

You might think that your intelligence is a handicap as you sit here reading this article. You might have the bright idea that you should act as stupid and moronic as those guys that you see who do have great success with picking up women. But why not use your superior intelligence to dissect what those guys do to be so successful in picking up women and add it to your repertoire?

Picking up women is a skill just like any other skill that you might desire to become proficient in. Social skills such as flirting, texting, writing killer love letters and witty banter over the phone or in person are skills that you can learn and perfect better than those morons. With a little research and some practice you can clean up when it comes to picking up women or seducing the woman of your dreams. Can there be any doubt in your mind?

Keep in mind though that women may say that they are looking for a guy that is intelligent but deep down inside they are looking for a guy that can make them feel a certain way. Can you learn how to make her feel beautiful and sexy and like she is the only woman in the world for you without making her feel stupid? Sure you can! Use your superior intelligence to work for you when picking up women and before you know it you can have that hottie on your arm and in your life and leave all those morons in the dust.

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